A dark-skinned woman admits to hating light-skinned black women

Would he have married me if I were darker skinned?

I just read a very interesting article that kept me captivated through all three pages.

Titled Why Black Women Don’t like Light Skinned Girls, the author, who goes by the name “Vanity Goddess” and doesn’t show her real pic, is shockingly open and honest about why she doesn’t like light-skinned black women.

In fact, she doesn’t call us black women at all — she doesn’t consider light-skinned black women to be black.

She’s had hurtful comments made in the past that sounds like she needs to take through a Grief Recovery class, and I hope she is able to get beyond the hate.

But I do like the fact that she is honest about how she feels, right or wrong.

Vanity says that white women have stuck up for darker-skinned black women more than light-skinned women, and that we are basking in the glory of black men loving us.

I’ll admit some of that is true. I remember once a black man looking at me over a prettier black women with browner skin.

And more recently at church, a lighter skinned guy joked that back in the day, he would’ve dissed a browner skin girls and talked to light skin girls like me and my friend. As he did this, he demonstrated by ignoring a browner skin girl and getting up in my face and my light-skin friend’s face.

We couldn’t help but laugh at the awkwardness as our browner-skinned friend said, “Okkkaaay…” and I did tell my light-skinned friend that I didn’t want him to hurt her feelings like that.

I do feel that we take advantage of the attention at times — perhaps in that same way that some white women know that some black men lust over them at times. Sometimes you fall into that baser side that just wants to be loved.

But I don’t put up with anyone dissing somebody because of their skin color. That’s not right. And I have darker skinned friends who don’t hate me.

It’s true, lighter skinned women do tend to congregate together. And I do notice the favor some black men give towards lighter-skinned women.

What do you do with that? Right now I’m learning more about how getting older plays into all of this, and how to focus more on the favor of God and my websites and other things besides too many vanity issues, although I love being beautiful, inside and out.

Anyway, what do you think about the Yahoo! author’s article?

3 thoughts on “A dark-skinned woman admits to hating light-skinned black women

  1. I am a light-skinned woman who comes from a family with people whose complexions vary widely from very dark to very light. Fortunately, my deceased parents did not teach us to favor or disrespect people based on their skin colors. While it’s true I have been confronted with darker women who had issues with me because I’m light, most of my personal experiences have either been positive or neutral. I did have one ignoramus who told me that at least she didn’t have slavemasters in her family back ground. My reply was to the effect that one didn’t have to be light-skinned to have white ancestry, and that the abolitionist Fred Douglass was actually fathered by one. My point is that none of us have any control over our ancestry or what we look like, but we do control the kind of people we choose to be, just like Frederick Douglass. My own daughter has a coppery brown complexion like her father, and I taught her to have a healthy respect for her own physical attributes. I would have done exactly the same thing if she had been born with an ebony complexion or a pale white one. I firmly believe the darker women who hate lighter ones have had their self-esteem damaged in some way.
    thoughtless, ignorant folks who unconsciously give them an unnecessary complex by implying or stating that dark skin is inferior, or by negative experiences outside their family circles, often with significant

  2. I am a light skinned afro american. the darker ones were always mean to me. k marrid a white man and they darker ones ones HAD a fit, especially when they saw me with my husbad and my daughter, who did not have ethnic hair.

  3. As a child I was dark complected, as I got older my skin seemed to get lighter for whatever reason I don’t know. Anyway it wasn’t until I was 13 that I started hearing the names light bright and the term “yellow”. Witch is a word to describe a light skinned black person. The name calling hurt and I was confused as to why I was being called these names or why it was such a big issue to begin with. As an adult I got educated about the light skinned dark skinned issue and where it all originated from. The willie lynch syndrome is to blame and in this day and age it is STILL an issue witch is sad. For those whom never heard of wille lynch look it up and it will explain it all. Light skinned dark skinned the whole thing is just a tool to separate and confuse black people. I don’t get flattered when I hear songs about red bone this and yellow bone that, to me it sounds like a bunch of BS. Being in my early 30′s I have come to realize this. If you don’t have confidence, intelligence and class being light skinned, brown skinned, dark skinned don’t matter. Period. Thank You

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