Dark Girls movie discussed on NPR

My sister loves NPR.

I’ll bet you she may have heard the interview with Bill Duke about the movie Dark Girls, which is winning awards and selling out all around the country as the film makes its way from theater to theater.

It seems like a different kind of experience, to hear those who’ve attended these showings tell it.

On the NPR segment, the report describes the theater being “church quiet” as the movie came on, and the mostly female audience soaked up the sad stories of women who’ve been called all sorts of insulting names because of the ignorance and hatred of those hurling the insults.

Duke defends “airing our dirty laundry” because “it’s stinking’ up the house,” as he put it, to rousing applause.

Good, good stuff.

2 thoughts on “Dark Girls movie discussed on NPR

    • Dude, folks have been talking about this film for a minute (Cleveland expression). Saw a trailer on YouTube perhaps last year? So much of what I write deals with color and acceptance and black women in general.

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