Rise, Dark Girls: Racialicious writer talks about being called bad names for being dark

I knew this Dark Girls documentary would spark great conversation and writing, and thus far Racialicious has one of the most thoughtful pieces about the preview I’ve read yet.

“The kids at my mostly black Catholic school called me just about every black-related perjorative ever since 3rd grade, letting me know and telling others within my earshot that I was physically inferior solely because I was dark-skinned,” writes Andrea.

She goes on to say how one boy dumped her for a younger and lighter-skinned girl, and how her mom told her that it would all get better when she grew up.

Andrea says it did, describing how photographers have stopped and asked to take her photo — and how she ended up getting a husband, a white one.

It’s an open and honest and exploration into the souls of another woman willing to bare her experiences that this short Dark Girls video clip has evoked memories of.

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