When is the Dark Girls movie coming out? Film premiere release date 2011 info, plus more Facebook reaction to Dark Girls movie

Dark Girls movie poster

Well, the Dark Girls movie trailer has certainly hit the web by storm, and that’s just from the trailer preview video, so we know how huge this movie is going to be when it releases. Speaking of which, that’s one of the chief questions people ask when they hear about the movie:

When is the release date for Dark Girls? When is the movie coming out? Is it coming to my city?

Thank God for people who make their Facebook pages public, because that’s how this fansite was able to find out more info about the Dark Girls movie release date beyond the “Winter 2011″ that the film’s one sheet movie poster tells us, or the “Coming Fall/Winter 2011″ cryptic data thus far:

“Film to Premiere in October at the International Black Film Festival in Nashville…download of the whole video are not available yet,” reads the description of the YouTube video titled “Dark Girls Documentary Trailer” in the 1mits1 account.

“This documentary is something that we all should watch…” the description beneath the seemingly bootlegged video says. “It really made me think and try to search inside of myself . I want to be different. I want to make a change even If that change has to happen IN ME FIRST. Even if you don’t want to watch this video. Just think… think about how you could make a difference in our community and work as a unit. unite as one people….. IGNORING IT DOESN’T SOLVE IT…!”

Amen to that, 1mits1!

More release date info for movie in Nashville, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York…

Release dates listed for the “Bracing New Documentary “Dark Girls” Delves Beneath The Skins of Women Darker Than Most and the Separate Lives They Lead” are a little confusing.

Sounds like the film jumps off in October 2011, but the L.A. dates of May 20, 2011, must be a misprint:

Film to Premier in October at the International Black Film Festival in Nashville (May 20, 2011 – Los Angeles), says the FB post:

Dark Girls movie participant

Has anything really changed since the days of American slavery when dark-skinned Blacks were made to suffer even greater indignities than their lighter skinned counterparts?

Ask today’s dark Black woman.

Dual documentary Directors/Producers D. Channsin Berry (Urban Winter Entertainment) and Bill Duke (Duke Media) took their cameras into everyday America in search of pointed, unfiltered and penetrating interviews with Black women of the darkest hues for their emotional expose’, “Dark Girls”.

Two years in the making and slated to premier down south at the International Black Film Festival in October in Nashville, “Dark Girls” pulls back our country’s curtain to reveal that the deep seated biases and hatreds of racism – within and outside of the Black American culture – remain bitterly entrenched.

Berry states of the film’s origin, “When Bill called me with the idea of a documentary about dark-skinned women, I was in right away. Being a dark-skinned Black man, like Bill, I have gone through similar traumas. Being separated and discriminated against by our own people. It stifles your self-esteem. Bill and I shared our similar experiences and immediately understood that we knew the best way to approach this.”

Duke adds, “In the late `60s a famous psychological study was done in which a young Black girl was presented with a set of dolls. Every time the she was asked to point to the one that wasn’t pretty, not smart, etc., she pointed to the Black doll that looked just like her. In her mind, she was already indoctrinated. To watch her do that was heartbreaking and infuriating. CNN did the test again recently – decades later – with little progress.

As the filmmakers behind ‘Dark Girls,’ our goal is to take that little girl’s finger off that doll.”

Dark-skinned Black American women from all walks of life will be covered with a key focus trained tightly upon women struggling for upward mobility in the workplace of Corporate America.

“The sickness is so crazy,” Berry continues. “These ladies broke it down to the degree that dark-skinned ‘sistas’ with ‘good’ hair vs. dark-skinned women with ‘kinky’ hair were given edges when it came time for coveted promotions.”

Additional interviewees for “Dark Girls” include White men in loving intimate relationships with Black women that were passed over by “their own men,” as well as dark-skinned women of Latin and Panamanian background to bring a world perspective to the issue of dark vs. light.

“Dark Girls,” which will screen in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York following its Nashville premier, promises to be a proactive view.

Berry concludes, “The skin issue is a discussion we all need to have once and for all…so we can eradicate it.”

Dark Girls movie making waves in the UK!

All the way across The Pond, UK writers are taking notice of the film with articles like Sister Act director asks if life is worse for ‘dark skinned’ girls from Voice Online in the UK.

Reaction from fans of the Dark Girls movie on Facebook

People who’ve made their Facebook updates public are also publicly speaking out about their reaction to the Dark Girls movie trailer video:

Carmichael Skitzo Rodriguez: This is some sad [stuff]…But it’s true…My grandmother loved me so much growin up cuz I was so light skinned…But my mother was brown and beautiful…I think Dark skinned woman are beautiful…My lifey right now is dark skinned and my baby moms Korean…lol…Ya’ll know Skitzo don’t discriminate, but na fa’real…This is [messed] up…We gotta change this…

Cassandra R Floyd: View this video, this is eye opening, however not surprising. Given our history of self hatred and slavery programming being passed down from the elders. What to do, isn’t it time to end it?

Martin Robinson: “Dark girls documentary” God Almighty

Delores Gardner Thompson: I’m looking forward to this documentary. This preview touches several intra-racial hostilities–not just skin color, but hair texture and even black immigrants’ reactions to being mistakenly identified as black American.

Mary Masala: I wonder what British women would have to say on the same subject…

Sonya Justsayin Burton: I believe when black women and men accept the beauty of their skin we would not need movies or documentries to prove our worth. i believe that God makes us all unique and special in our own right…but if u dont believe it you cant expect others to believe something u dont. i love my chocolate skin, and i dont need anyone to permission to be me. with this being said…. i amhappy to be nappy. i glad to be blck and wh

Whitney Bracey: wow!

Jennifer Robinson: Everyone should watch this, I am excited for the new info and perspective i have after watching the video.

Leandra McLennon: This is deep, now a days people care to much about how light your skin is or the texture and length of your hair, but that is all bs and shouldn’t matter.

Ishmahil Blagrove: Great commentary on a subject very rarely discussed in open circles – dark skin and self hatred. It opens the debate as to how we as black people see ourselves and how did we get to the point whereby Beyonce and her Eurocentric features have come to epitomise the yardstick of black beauty!

“YO!!! This is deep…Pass this on to your Chocolate sistas out there!” writes Ry Ro on Facebook.

15 thoughts on “When is the Dark Girls movie coming out? Film premiere release date 2011 info, plus more Facebook reaction to Dark Girls movie

  1. Black Girls light/dark if you were born African American we are all one color to other races. To me this should not even be an issue, I have seen some ugly light/white skin girls, why don’t you do a movie about them, i’m sure they have some stories to tell. Also, did the producers of this movie consider the fact that there are a whole lot of dark skin people that do not like light/white skin people? It’s a double edge sword and it cuts both ways. Also, if dark skin women are consider inferior to other women, then why don’t the lighter skin women keep her hands off the darker skin man? Then noone will have to worry about having darker skin children but the dark skin women and man.

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  3. Being a darker hue 'red-bone' (dislike that term), I have never put down my darker complexion sistas. If the truth be known, if I had a say-so, I would have loved it if the Good Lord gave me beautiful darker skin. But, over the years I have accepted & really love the skin I'm in the GOD blessed me with. So, when is Dark Girls coming to the Pittsburgh, PA area?

  4. How did the girl in the clip come to think that her complexion was dirt? I have a hard time believing that, because even at a young age where we’re surrounded by playmates of all complexions, did I think that something was “wrong” with my skin that it must be “dirt”???? I don’t think she’s being truthful, but anyway, I am a dark complexioned woman who can relate to some of the hurts that are expressed in this documentary, but there came a time in my life where instead of being called, black this, and derogatory that, I was seen as pretty and as that consistently went on, my self-esteem seemed to be restored and along with it a confidence that allowed me to hold my head high and embrace the beauty that I felt about myself, regardless of what other people may have seen. My hurt started at home, with my mother saying derogatory things abt my complexion and features, so I had issues with trusting the things that people would say, always believing there was an ulterior motive behind a compliment, especially coming from men. Well I got past that, and I saw my own beauty instead of waiting for it to be validated by society. Now I have a dark complexioned daughter who is beautiful to me and no matter how mad she makes me or how badly she shreads my nerves, I NEVER say derogatory things to her about her appearance or her complexion. I love her, UNCONDITIONALLY, and she is beautiful to me and I tell her that as often as I think abt. it, I say “I’m your mom and what I say is truth, not what some person in the street may say, so YOU LISTEN TO ME, NOT THEM!!”, I broke the cycle of hurt that my mom tried to perpetuate. My daughter’s memories won’t be filled with hurt from a hurt mother. As far as I’m concerned…..”BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL”!!!

    • Amen! Black is Beautiful!!! Where did you get these low self esteem women from? Anything to make a movie, stop exploiting BLACK WOMEN, when you get right down to it if you are of the African American race, when it comes to other races we are all the same BLACK PEOPLE!!

  5. I am so sad that there are Black women in this day and age with these kinds of scars. Please folks beauty comes in all hues…..Moms and Dads tell your daughters they are smart, beautiful, and can do anything they want in life…..give them hope and praise! We’re ALL BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am so sad that there are Black women in this day and age with these kinds of scars. Please folks beauty comes in all hues…..Moms and Dads tell your daughters they are smart, beautiful, and can do anything they want in life…..give them hope and praise! We're ALL BEAUTIFUL!

  7. I thank God for all of my dark-skinned sisters and pray that you stay encouraged. Help the other sisters that are struggling to become strong to help others. Let us stand together, ” Dark and Proud”.

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  11. Hi everyone, when is the release date for Dark Girls? I can’t wait because I can relate so well to the film because I am one of those Dark Girls. I have lived all my life dealing with the issues that the film speaks of. When I was younger I use to feel that I was never pretty enough or my hair was never fine enough. Originally born and raised in Louisiana where they thrive on color it was always apparent that lighter was better and they placed much emphasis on that fact. Sad that it is still that way today. My brother is of the darker hue and says all the time that he would not have a relationship with a woman of the darker hue. Recently talking to my oldest son he also said the same thing to me and he added that he thought that I was beautiful but it sort of blew my mind because I didn’t raise him like that. I tried very hard to instill in all my sons that women of color especially the darker hue was as beautiful as any of the hues out there. I understand that it is a matter of preference but it’s the drive behind the preference. The fact that I wear my hair natural and not straight is really a big problem for a lot of brothers, truthfully a lot of people period. I have been labeled to racial even to black and I haven’t figured that one out yet. I have been places with my older sister who is of the lighter hue much lighter than I that people cannot believe that we are sisters same parents. The differences in interaction when we are together is also apparent in how they interact with her and they interact with me and it’s just not black people, it’s with all people of all races. I have been places with my girl friends most of the lighter hue and people will do me the same way. I have had people tell me that I’m not approachable because I don’t smile and I have a beautiful smile with deep dimples. What am I supposed to do walk around with a smile on my face 24-7 that’s just silly to me. I’m intelligent, smart, and beautiful and a lot of funs to be around but with all that said because of my darker hue people limit themselves to talking and interacting with me because they automatically feel like they know what type of person I am based on the color of my skin. Anyway I am very much comfortable in my skin and I love me, myself & I and really looking forward to seeing the film.

    Jacque Garner

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